I have recently re-formatted my computer using the option available in the Windows 8 taskbar (Reset, I think it was). After having installed all of my needed software and drivers, I am unable to activate my Windows 8 with the manufacturer provided product
key. It worked the first time after receiving my new laptop, but refuses to work now.

Has anybody come across a similar issue and could anyone suggest a fix?

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Well to begin with I tried installing Windows 8 However it said it can't be done as the O.S that I had was not compatible

Well I then tried burning up a DVD on my Windows 7 computer and tried getting the setup file installed on the same

Then i am now trying to run the same Disc on my Vista Computer

Just wanted to confirm what else that i need to do in the BIOS menu

If possible can u guys include a screenshot along with")

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Uhm Hi._.

Recently I was trying to activate my Office and stuff.
I found a software called KMSpico. The software activates your Office 2013 and your Windows if it isint activated.
Picture BelowV

So I was intending to Activate my Office 2013 not Windows, since it already was.
So i did the token backup stuff. And it somehow deactivated my Windows._.
The program started and it activated my Laptop again. But the key was a "Trial" type. That lasted for 30 days.

I searched the key up. And it was a key that was being showed as a free winsows product key. But it was only Trial.
So i regret this now._. and I really want my proper key now.

I heard that the PC's Original key is stored into the BIOS. Would there be a way the locate it there and get it?
Will Refreshing my laptop change the Key to normal? or do I need to Factory Reset it.

PLEAASSEE Help :) Since i;m studying and I dont want my Sony Vaio running with a trial key i'd rather be with an original key.


Heres some pics below.

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I bought new Win8 from shop and activated it as usual. Few months back i used system mechanic v10 , and did some registry clean up/optimization. This led to msg being flashed that " Activate Windows " . A blue screen appears on every start-up –> go to PC
settings –> Activate (Windows) –>" Windows can't activate right now. Try activating win later. If this problem persists……. "

I ran Windows Genuine Advantage n results are as :

i'm attaching screen shot coz its not copying [ failed to create output files ,hr=0x80070002. please contact support ].
I don't have system restore enabled and refresh/reinstall too is not working [files are missing. installation media will provide this]
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As of January 31st, 2014, I've been having problems with my HP Windows 8 pre-installed laptop. I've recently experienced the problem of having the error code: 0xc004c003. The screen would freeze for a couple of seconds, and I got the "blue screen
of death" saying: The activation server determined the specified product key has been blocked or restricted. After this I had this problem happen multiple times, I tried to refresh Windows to see if I would fix
the problem. Once it was refreshed Windows 8.1 reverted back to 8. and I didn't have that problem anymore.

Now it was an activation problem; I couldn't personalize my Windows because "Windows wasn't activated" This was getting really frustrating, so I went to my PC Settings and it said to insert my
product key. I put it in and it said it wasn't valid. It also said try again or buy a different key. Now that was just wrong because my product key was in the motherboard – BIOS, and I new it was valid. After that I did some research on people with the same
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I just bought a new Acer Aspire V5. After getting to know Windows 8 I wanted to run Windows update. There were aroung 880 mb of updates that needed installing. Now, for some reason when I click install it just stays at 0% progress while the progress bar
skiddles back and forth.
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